The Creator’s Circle

Welcome to The Creator’s Circle

I’m Emma Sherriff,
Certified Rewilder Guide, educator and dressmaker.

“My wisdom brought me to dressmaking and by it’s slow, methodical nature to connect with my true self through my garment designs. I was led to embody my innate connection with universal mind in the world by creating 3D representations of my ideas, and an evolving love of colour and organic shapes in fabric. I show up in new ways that others resonate with. Co-creation enables me to connect with others and my craft in a powerful way.” 

About me

I bring a sense of love and the spirit of co-creation to 1:1 conversations in the 3Principles understanding. I am a deeply connected soul with experience of overcoming challenges within relationships, career, supporting others in Dementia and in mental health. 

As an experienced educator and a guide I am able to support you to partner with your inner compass and to guide you to build buoyancy and a feeling of wellbeing in your life and creative practice. 

I enjoy serving others and conversations with diverse souls from across cultures are always welcome. I share the way in which living from a place of love and innate wellbeing can affect how you can approach what we see and what we know in powerful ways, enabling you to reach others and flow through our human experience. 

I would love to hear from you and send you love and light on your journey!

The first Creator’s Circle opens on Monday 18th April.

Register here or email Emma with questions.

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