About me


Welcome to shelovestomake, my creative blog! I’m Emma, I live in Devon, UK and I am sewing addict. I enjoy dressmaking, crochet, knitting, digital photography and video production, and a bit of ‘Sewga’ on the side 😉

Five sort of interesting facts about me, and my sewing life:

  1. Growing up I loved clothes, and my first ‘dream job’ was to own a designer boutique!… this never happened, but what lay waiting to be discovered under this passion for clothes, was a potential dressmaker just waiting to be set free;
  2. I started sewing following a major life event which made me re-focus. I finally knew what I really wanted to do, and sewing was at the top of my list;
  3. The first project I made was a cushion cover, and then a knitting needle case, followed by a Simplicity ruffle neck top;
  4. My greatest sewing ambition is to make a black silk halter neck dress, I have yet to find the perfect pattern and I have yet to sew with silk – so watch this space!;
  5. The project I am most proud of (to date) is a vintage inspired Victorian style blouse, I hand crocheted the trim, sewed French seams and a peplum for the first time. That project took me nine months at the beginning of my sewing journey, but was worth every moment!

I am looking forward to sharing crafting tips and many sewing projects with you.

Get in touch by posting a comment, contact me by email: shelovestomake@gmail.com or via my Instagram @shelovestomake.uk

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