Introducing my Sew-in labels & the story behind my new side hustle

I love my Sew-in labels, and let’s be honest, what sewist doesn’t? There is nothing quite so satisfying as adding that finishing touch to your necklines and waistbands to finish your me-made garments with a perfectly coordinating flourish.

Back in October during a lockdown my sew-jo was at an all time low. Slowly but surely, starting with a pair of glittery felt cat ears (to mark Halloween of course), I found my passion for sewing again. Delighted in the realisation that I wanted to be more creative and community focused in my work generally, I got to thinking how can I achieve this? I remember once in my teens, somebody telling me in conversation that I was ‘a creative’. Somewhat late to the party the information re-bounded for me, I didn’t absorb it because I didn’t yet know myself clearly and I hadn’t yet found my creative outlet. Today I am wholeheartedly embracing what that means, by starting an exciting new venture. Rightly or wrongly society doesn’t place a high monetary value on the creative as other careers, so I am ready to take on a side hustle and launch my new sew-in labels amongst other creative design and handmade projects over the next two years.

My new label designs are fun, colourful and reflect trends in the sewing community that I have embraced through Instagram and Facebook groups. I think the designs encapsulate me, my personality and sense of humour (see n. Bumblebunching in the shop’s label design description) and my passion for creating exciting vibrant handmade bespoke fashion.

My makes for others have been getting some attention too. I value feedback from my friends and family on their handmade gifts, and I will be selling some of my most highly rated handmade products alongside my sew-in labels from the online shop. So if you can support your girl by giving me a follow and like the Shelovestomake shop for all of the updates this coming year that would be really quite amazing of you!

I appreciate you and your support, Emma x 😊

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