Sewing Love in the time of Coronavirus



Living our lives in Self-isolation is a transformational and strange scenario for all of us. We have time to spend time operating in a state of limbo. As individuals, or families, we must rely on others to support us, to enthuse and inspire us, to lift us. Self isolation has also prompted me to think about what I am grateful for, what is unnecessary and what feels good. Vlogging this didn’t feel quite right, and sometimes we can communicate much better our thoughts by revisiting the blog, our digital journal.

These are the things that feel good to me: eating well, connecting virtually with my loved ones, sewing, natural light and movement – that’s it… all I need! When I wanted sewing supplies and some emergency food rations who was there to help – my local sewing friend and shop owner Lizzy. When I felt down, my sewing bestie Kelly was there to lift me up. When I wanted to socialise at the weekend @almondrocksews organises a wonderful (and challenging) Instagram live sewing quiz.

My chief sewing activities have involved pattern cutting, preparing fabric, sewing darts inserting button holes. I haven’t much patience for finishing challenging projects, as there’s a feeling of distraction and a little unease sitting just below the surface. One thing is for certain, we will all adjust to the new ‘normal’ – us sewists’ are nothing if not adaptable!

Contributing to the #bigcommunitysew by making face coverings for my family, friends and neighbours is providing a sense of making a real, positive contribution and I suppose, a partial sense of control over the situation. And I have discovered how enjoyable and beneficial virtual sewing with friends can be.

I hope we come out of this more practiced, but not just in our sewing ability. By knowing for certain what we really value, with a true appreciation between us of what it is to be a human whose soul is fed, in strange and difficult times, by their needle and thread.

In the meantime my colourful sewing space is an oasis of calm, that brings me so much joy!

Sending peace and Love, Emma xo

My first Sewing Space virtual tour is now available on the Shelovestomake YouTube channel here

One response to “Sewing Love in the time of Coronavirus”

  1. thanks for this lovely post and how lovely that creativity is what connects us to the world and to communities in such unsettled times as these… my blog post i mentioned to you on insta goes live tomorrow, would be interesting to see what you think. 🙂

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