Love at first stitch! Sewing my first Delphine

Aztec print Delphine.jpg Admiring my new Delphine

Let’s talk about fitting, or more accurately ill-fitting ready to wear high street clothes that make you feel terrible about your body shape! I know many women who describe that same experience – that pair of jeans that was too tight across your crotch, or the skirt you bought in the next size up – it’s miles too big at the waist, but you could get it over your hips to wear it to the office. With this in mind I totally support the new Sewing Makes You Love Yourself #smyly2018 campaign that I think proves, if you can make your own clothes and add on a cm or two at the hip, what a difference it can make for both your comfort and feeling so much better about your body; after all we are all different and completely loveable as we are. The Delphine skirt pattern addresses all of the above for me, thank you Tilly!

I really enjoyed making this skirt, last year was certainly my year of sewing Tilly’s patterns – a Cleo and a Coco to date, and I find them incredibly easy to follow and very wearable.

My highlights were the incredibly clear instructions for the zip fitting, and that I was able to incorporate my Singer Overlocker, for the first time on a new project. I bought some medium to heavy weight fabric from Sew Over It in a sale. I had been coveting the Aztec print, but hadn’t really considered the need to pattern match. As usual my first step into a new sewing challenge was completely random and not at all thought out, and to be honest, I think I can improve on it; or perhaps the pattern wasn’t an even repeat and would never have matched as I sewed my seams on the angle of the skirt? The seams certainly matched when I put them together. If you have any tips on pattern matching stripes for future projects I would love to read your comments below. When it fits so well though, I’m not at all bothered!

My first Delphine.jpg
Project complete!

I am sure that I will be sewing this pattern again, certainly in black and perhaps in yellow as modelled on the Love at First Stitch book cover by Tilly. My next sewing venture is my very first Sew Over It pattern – the Molly dress. I have followed Lisa’s Sew Over It vlog for a couple of years, and I am excited to try out several of her patterns in my #2018makenine. The patterns I want to sew this year are listed on my Instagram feed

Thanks for reading my blog; wishing you very happy weekend sewing, wherever you are!

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