Insta-sewing all stars

This Me Made May I am taking inspiration from Sewists who are making waves in the Instagram sewing community. Spring is often the time of year we turn our attention to new, lighter and brighter feminine garment sewing projects.

I selected five sewists who inspired me to click that save button and to add new patterns to my list of sewing projects for the Spring and Summer season.

First, and always one to watch is Mimi G, with her new jumpsuit pattern the Mimi G x Simplicity #9330. The new pattern is shipping out to stores in the US soon and hopefully we won’t have too long to wait in the UK. I love the sophisticated and feminine shape of the jumpsuit, including the draping of fabric on the bodice front mimicing the organic texture of a seashell. I might add straps, depending on the cup fitting and I would certainly be looking to toile it for fit. Mimi always looks stunning in her patterns, but this one is the real cherry on top.

S is for Sew shared her #m7970 McCalls maxi dress with a v-neckline and all the drama. I love the boho aesthetics and her pixie haircut with the dress. I have yet to sew a McCalls pattern, and this dress is a real contender. I admired the high waistline and the dramatic bias cut skirt for an ethereal, whimsical feel.

Next up is a new to me instagrammer @pinkorangevintage with a stunning Wildergown dress in this olive green colour, combining the dress with the chequer print Vans is a great style choice and gives the look a quirky, offbeat vibe. She also ends her post with this inspiring quote: “When you tap into a more creative wardrobe, magic can happen. Be inspired by being you.” Reader, how true are these words!

I was scrolling the Wildergown hashtag in preparation for selecting a fabric from my collection to sew my own, and I discover @carolerankin rocking a bold 70s inspired print Wilder mini dress. Most of the Wildergowns I have seen and loved to date have had a more bohemian aesthetic; I rate this new retro take on the pattern, it’s sew bright and inspiring…

Last but not least this #repost from @trurofabrics of @carolmonks Tilly and the Buttons indigo dress in an on trend gingham print looks absolutely gorgeous in this quaint Cornish kitchen, complete with a gorgeous pug puppy dog. I am excited to sew an Indigo and I am certain I will be making multiple Indigo dresses, as the shape and ruffles are so my style 24/7 365.

To my UK readers, have a beautiful holiday weekend. Don’t forget to enter my vlog giveaway by midnight BST on 1st June 2021 for the chance to win a £50 spend at Minerva Crafts. There are also two packs of my woven labels to be won by runners up! xo

Introducing my Sew-in labels & the story behind my new side hustle

I love my Sew-in labels, and let’s be honest, what sewist doesn’t? There is nothing quite so satisfying as adding that finishing touch to your necklines and waistbands to finish your me-made garments with a perfectly coordinating flourish.

Back in October during a lockdown my sew-jo was at an all time low. Slowly but surely, starting with a pair of glittery felt cat ears (to mark Halloween of course), I found my passion for sewing again. Delighted in the realisation that I wanted to be more creative and community focused in my work generally, I got to thinking how can I achieve this? I remember once in my teens, somebody telling me in conversation that I was ‘a creative’. Somewhat late to the party the information re-bounded for me, I didn’t absorb it because I didn’t yet know myself clearly and I hadn’t yet found my creative outlet. Today I am wholeheartedly embracing what that means, by starting an exciting new venture. Rightly or wrongly society doesn’t place a high monetary value on the creative as other careers, so I am ready to take on a side hustle and launch my new sew-in labels amongst other creative design and handmade projects over the next two years.

My new label designs are fun, colourful and reflect trends in the sewing community that I have embraced through Instagram and Facebook groups. I think the designs encapsulate me, my personality and sense of humour (see n. Bumblebunching in the shop’s label design description) and my passion for creating exciting vibrant handmade bespoke fashion.

My makes for others have been getting some attention too. I value feedback from my friends and family on their handmade gifts, and I will be selling some of my most highly rated handmade products alongside my sew-in labels from the online shop. In case you haven’t heard, we also made a mini-makerspace. Pictures and video of our projects are available on Instagram here. So if you can support your girl by giving us a follow and like our shop for all of the updates this coming year that would be really quite amazing of you!

I appreciate you and your support, Emma x 😊